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With a strategic investment from Baker Hughes, Elcogen closes its current funding round, raising overall €140m for scaling of its leading solid oxide technology for hydrogen

By All Portfolio company news & media, Elcogen AS
Elcogen (“the Company”), a European manufacturer of technology that enables delivery of efficient, affordable green hydrogen and electricity, is pleased to announce that Baker Hughes has made a strategic investment in the Company.
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HiiROC and Centrica win prestigious Hydrogen UK Innovation award

By All Portfolio company news & media, HiiROC Limited
HiiROC and Centrica won the Innovation Project award at Hydrogen UK’s 2024 Awards dinner held at the National Conference Centre in Birmingham on March 11th. Taking place as part of the Hydrogen UK Annual Conference, the inaugural awards celebrate the leading companies, projects and individuals helping to develop the UK’s hydrogen economy.
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aireg gains HH2E as a new member

By All Portfolio company news & media, HH2E AG
The German green hydrogen production company HH2E AG has become a member of the aviation initiative aireg (Aviation Initiative for Renewable Energy in Germany). HH2E’s unique technology mix is capable of converting surplus electricity from wind and solar energy into green hydrogen, maximizing the use of curtailed power to transforming these otherwise lost green electrons into a powerful force for the production of green hydrogen. This green hydrogen can be used for the production of eSAF (electronic Sustainable Aviation Fuel).
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The “miracle of packaging”: Cranfield Aerospace Solutions on the challenges of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology for Zero-Emissions Aircraft

By All Portfolio company news & media, Cranfield Aerospace Solutions Ltd
Over the past few years, Cranfield Aerospace Solutions (CAeS) has been quietly pushing engineering boundaries in a quest to achieve zero-emissions flight and has now achieved a notable milestone with the successful integration design of its hydrogen fuel cell technology into the nacelle of an aircraft. This is an achievement that not only marks important engineering and technological progress but is also a significant step towards certification and commercialisation of the company’s zero-emissions technology.
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Sunfire secures more than EUR 500 million to accelerate its growth

By All Portfolio company news & media, Sunfire GmbH
The German electrolyzer manufacturer announces a significant financial milestone with EUR 215 million raised in a Series E equity financing round, further complemented by a term loan of up to EUR 100 million provided by the European Investment Bank (EIB). In addition, Sunfire has access to approx. EUR 200 million from previously approved, undrawn grant funding to support its growth. This makes Sunfire one of the best capitalized electrolyzer manufacturers in the industry.
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