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Elcogen partners with AVL to develop cutting-edge megawatt scale solid oxide electrolyser stack modules

Tallinn, Estonia: Elcogen, a leading European manufacturer of technology that enables delivery of efficient, affordable green hydrogen and emission-free electricity, is pleased to announce a partnership with global technology company AVL List GmbH to develop solid oxide electrolyser cell (“SOEC”) stack modules for MW scale hydrogen production plants. This project brings together the R&D efforts of both partners in their respective IPCEI (“Important Project of Common European Interest”) Hy2Tech programs in Estonia/Finland and Austria.
18 July 2024

Made in Europe

20 electrolyzer manufacturers and suppliers, including Sunfire, Nel Hydrogen, Siemens Energy and Thyssenkrupp Nucera, have joined forces to support the development of a green hydrogen economy in Europe. Together, the manufacturers signed a letter to the President of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen. The clear appeal: restore fair competition and introduce “Made in Europe" standards for the industry.
1 July 2024

Strohm adds CO2 transfer to its latest product portfolio update

Strohm, the world’s first and leading thermoplastic composite pipe (TCP) company, has successfully qualified its first product based on carbon fibre and advanced PVDF polymer.
26 June 2024

Cornerstone laid for Elcogen’s new factory

On June 18th, the cornerstone for Elcogen’s new factory was laid in the Loovälja Industrial Park near Tallinn. The 14,000 square meter factory will significantly increase the Company’s current production capacity of solid oxide cells and stacks to meet the growing global demand for emission-free energy and green hydrogen-producing fuel cells.
20 June 2024

Sunfire Founders awarded with the Social Market Economy Prize

Nils Aldag, founder and CEO of Sunfire, and Christian von Olshausen, founder and CTO of Sunfire, were awarded the Social Market Economy Prize (“Preis Soziale Marktwirtschaft”). The award by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation was presented for the 21st time and is aimed at individuals and institutions who have made outstanding contributions to the economic and social order.
13 June 2024

Symbolic Signing Event of EIB-Contract

The electrolyzer pioneer Sunfire has secured a term loan of up to EUR 100 million provided by the European Investment Bank (EIB). This strategic investment will propel the development and industrialization of its innovative SOEC electrolyzers. On June 7, Sunfire CEO Nils Aldag and EIB Vice-President Nicola Beer symbolically signed the agreement at Sunfire’s headquarter in Dresden.
7 June 2024

Industry and Leipzig/Halle Airport Present ‘NetZeroLEJ’ Study: Germany Can Produce PtL-SAF

At the International Aerospace Exhibition (ILA) in Berlin, the results of the economic and technical feasibility study “NetZeroLEJ” were presented to German Federal Ministers Volker Wissing (Digital Affairs and Transport) and Robert Habeck (Vice-Chancellor, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action).
6 June 2024

Elcogen announces collaboration agreement with the Dutch Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) to develop advanced SOE technology

Tallinn, Estonia: Elcogen, a leading European manufacturer of technology that enables delivery of efficient, affordable green hydrogen and emission-free electricity, is pleased to announce it has recently initiated a collaboration agreement under the Important Projects of Common European Interest scheme (“IPCEI”) with the Dutch Organization for Applied Scientific Research (“TNO”) to develop advanced SOE technology for future market demands.
6 June 2024

HH2E Consolidates Business for Enhanced Efficiency and Growth Preparation

HH2E is delighted to announce the successful completion of its consolidation process, initiated at the end of 2023, which marks a pivotal step in preparing for the next chapter in the company’s journey. HH2E aims to establish 4 GW of green hydrogen production across various locations in Germany by 2030, heralding a new era in sustainable energy.
23 May 2024

Bramble Energy achieves milestone in hydrogen fuel cell production, advancing UK’s electrified automotive future

The time to disrupt is now. Bramble has already brought a low cost, scalable and innovative solution to the market and now we have gone even further with our PCB-X™ platform.
9 May 2024

Gen2 Energy appoints new CEO

Gen2 Energy appoints Mr Kjetil Bøhn (53) as new CEO when entering next phase in the company’s large scale hydrogen project.
6 May 2024

Elcogen’s new production facility to expand manufacturing capacity to 360 MW

Tallinn, Estonia: Elcogen (“the Company”), the leading European manufacturer of technology that enables delivery of efficient, affordable green hydrogen and emission-free electricity, is pleased to announce the development of a new factory in Tallinn (the “facility”). The new facility will substantially expand the Company’s solid oxide fuel cell and stack (“SOFC”) and solid oxide electrolyser cell and stack (“SOEC”) manufacturing capacity.
3 May 2024

Sale of the property “Tønnefabrikken” in Suldal

Gen2 Jelsa AS has entered into an agreement with Suldal municipality for the sale of their property at Jelsa in Suldal, known as «Tønnefabrikken». The property covers a total of 16,800 sqm, with a combined building mass of 8,100 sqm in Jelsa.
24 April 2024

Sunfire conducts FEED study for 500 MW green hydrogen project

The electrolysis manufacturer will provide a front-end engineering and design study for a large-scale hydrogen project in Europe.
18 April 2024

With a strategic investment from Baker Hughes, Elcogen closes its current funding round, raising overall €140m for scaling of its leading solid oxide technology for hydrogen

Elcogen (“the Company”), a European manufacturer of technology that enables delivery of efficient, affordable green hydrogen and electricity, is pleased to announce that Baker Hughes has made a strategic investment in the Company.
3 April 2024

Introducing PCBFC™ Gen. 2

The time to disrupt is now. Bramble has already brought a low cost, scalable and innovative solution to the market and now we have gone even further with our PCB-X™ platform.
28 March 2024

£69 million boost for hydrogen at Cranfield

Cranfield University will spearhead the research and development of the first major hydrogen technology hub to demonstrate the potential of hydrogen as a net zero aviation fuel.
26 March 2024

Topping Out Ceremony for the 30 MW Pressurized Alkaline Electrolyser Building at the Bad Lauchstädt Energy Park

Topping Out Ceremony for the 30 MW Pressurized Alkaline Electrolyser Building at the Bad Lauchstädt Energy Park.
21 March 2024

HiiROC and Centrica win prestigious Hydrogen UK Innovation award

HiiROC and Centrica won the Innovation Project award at Hydrogen UK’s 2024 Awards dinner held at the National Conference Centre in Birmingham on March 11th. Taking place as part of the Hydrogen UK Annual Conference, the inaugural awards celebrate the leading companies, projects and individuals helping to develop the UK’s hydrogen economy.
12 March 2024

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day has occurred for well over a century with the first gathering held in 1911 to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women and to mark a call to action for accelerating gender parity.
8 March 2024

Full focus on electrolysis

In the climate-neutral energy industry, both electrolyzers and fuel cells will play a crucial role. With this context in mind, Sunfire has developed the two technologies in parallel. While both the electrolyzer and fuel cell markets have great potential for growth, they require distinctly different approaches. As a result, Sunfire is now spinning off its fuel cell business.
7 March 2024

aireg gains HH2E as a new member

The German green hydrogen production company HH2E AG has become a member of the aviation initiative aireg (Aviation Initiative for Renewable Energy in Germany). HH2E’s unique technology mix is capable of converting surplus electricity from wind and solar energy into green hydrogen, maximizing the use of curtailed power to transforming these otherwise lost green electrons into a powerful force for the production of green hydrogen. This green hydrogen can be used for the production of eSAF (electronic Sustainable Aviation Fuel).
7 March 2024

The “miracle of packaging”: Cranfield Aerospace Solutions on the challenges of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology for Zero-Emissions Aircraft

Over the past few years, Cranfield Aerospace Solutions (CAeS) has been quietly pushing engineering boundaries in a quest to achieve zero-emissions flight and has now achieved a notable milestone with the successful integration design of its hydrogen fuel cell technology into the nacelle of an aircraft. This is an achievement that not only marks important engineering and technological progress but is also a significant step towards certification and commercialisation of the company’s zero-emissions technology.
7 March 2024

Sunfire secures more than EUR 500 million to accelerate its growth

The German electrolyzer manufacturer announces a significant financial milestone with EUR 215 million raised in a Series E equity financing round, further complemented by a term loan of up to EUR 100 million provided by the European Investment Bank (EIB). In addition, Sunfire has access to approx. EUR 200 million from previously approved, undrawn grant funding to support its growth. This makes Sunfire one of the best capitalized electrolyzer manufacturers in the industry.
5 March 2024

First companies for Hydrogen Challenge announced by aviation regulator

The UK Civil Aviation Authority has selected three companies to increase industry and regulatory readiness for the introduction of hydrogen fuel and new technologies.
28 February 2024

Siemens Energy and HH2E on a Green Revolution mission in Germany

In a move that paves the way to green energy, Siemens Energy and HH2E have begun a project to addressing the future green energy needs of HH2E, focusing specifically on the provision of high-voltage systems, power transformers and beyond, essential for the operation of HH2E’s large-scale green hydrogen production units across Germany. Siemens Energy brings its advanced energy technology to the project.
27 February 2024

Cranfield Aerospace joins Scottish sustainable aviation innovation project

An Orkney-based sustainable aviation project bolsters its partnership activity with the addition of Cranfield Aerospace (CAeS) which hopes to get certification in 2026 for its hydrogen drivetrain, ready for entry into passenger-carrying service in 2027.
22 February 2024

Strohm successfully completes TCP hydrogen testing program

Strohm, the world’s first and leading provider of Thermoplastic Composite Pipes (TCP), is pleased to confirm the recent completion of an extensive hydrogen testing program on its TCP at Tüv-Süd in Germany.
21 February 2024

Cranfield Aerospace Solutions and Stratus 9 set sights on the first zero-emissions fractional aircraft co-ownership programme in the United States

Stratus 9 (S9), an innovator in private aviation and fractional ownership, today announced plans to acquire 10 (with options for up to 15) of Cranfield Aerospace Solutions’ (CAeS) hydrogen propulsion conversion kits for the B-N Islander aircraft. The deal, valued at over $20M, paves the way for the first zero-emissions fractional ownership programme in the United States.
16 February 2024

Sunfire successfully installs first industrial-scale electrolysis plant in Finland

Finland's first industrial-scale electrolysis plant has been installed in Harjavalta, one year after the groundbreaking ceremony. The project partners expect production of green hydrogen in the second half of the year. A purchase agreement has already been signed.
13 February 2024

Loganair and Cranfield Aerospace Solutions Set Sights on Debuting World’s First Operational Hydrogen-Electric Britten-Norman Islander in Kirkwall by 2027

Loganair, the UK’s largest regional airline, and Cranfield Aerospace Solutions, pioneers in zero-emissions flight, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which signifies an enhanced level of collaboration, with the view to have the first operational hydrogen-electric Britten-Norman Islander flying in Kirkwall by 2027.
30 January 2024

Bård Mikkelsen new chairman of Gen2 Energy

Bård Mikkelsen has taken on the role of the new chairman of Gen2 Energy. This move is expected to bolster the company’s position and strategy as a long-term player in the green hydrogen market.
25 January 2024

New initiative positions Dresden as an innovative location for green hydrogen technologies

Today, the Managing Director of Linde Engineering Dresden, the CEO of Sunfire and the Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Technologies and Systems IKTS presented the "HyDresden" initiative to the public. The aim of the initiative is to position the city as an innovator and pioneer for green hydrogen technologies and to jointly promote the location internationally. One of the goals of HyDresden is to attract specialists in this field. With the foundation, the initiators are now joining forces.
17 January 2024

Great news: Elcogen is named on the 2024 Global Cleantech 100!

Tallinn, Estonia: We are very pleased to announce that Elcogen, the European manufacturer of technology that enables delivery of efficient, affordable green hydrogen and emission-free electricity, has been named on Cleantech Group’s 2024 Global Cleantech 100.
12 January 2024

Gen2 Energy and Norsk e-Fuel partner on green hydrogen for production of sustainable aviation fuel

Gen2 Energy and Norsk e-Fuel have signed a collaboration agreement on green hydrogen supply for e-Fuel production in Mosjøen, Norway. Gen2 Energy will supply green hydrogen to Norsk e-Fuel, which will use it as a feedstock for the production of sustainable aviation fuels. To maximize synergies, the two companies will also work closely together on development of the industrial site and coordinate project development.
11 January 2024

HH2E and Gascade Announce Pipeline Grid Connection Agreement for Hydrogen

Baruth, January 8, 2023 – Today marks a significant milestone for Germany’s green hydrogen economy as GASCADE Gastransport GmbH (GASCADE) confirms the grid connection of HH2E’s green hydrogen production site in Lubmin on the German Baltic coast to the European Gas Pipeline Link (EUGAL Lines 1 and 2).
10 January 2024

World’s First Hydrogen Boat Powered By Printed Circuit Board Fuel Cell Technology Completes Real-World Testing

Bramble Energy, an innovator and disrupter in fuel cell technology, has achieved a milestone in marine history by launching the world’s first hydrogen-electric boat powered by a printed circuit board fuel cell (PCBFC™).
10 January 2024

Elcogen and Convion celebrate a key development milestone in green hydrogen production technology

Tallinn, Estonia: Elcogen (“the Company”), the European manufacturer of technology that enables delivery of efficient, affordable green hydrogen and emission-free electricity, is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of a ground-breaking field test for an industrial scale Solid Oxide electrolyser system delivering green hydrogen at superior efficiency compared to incumbent technologies.
2 January 2024

The progress of our electrolysis in 2023 – moving from 10 to 100 megawatts

As the year comes to a close, we look back with gratitude on some of our project highlights from the past 12 months. Our accomplishments already give us energy for an exciting and no less challenging year in 2024. Together, we will realize our vision of a world without fossil fuels. How are we doing it? With a realistic mindset - carefully considering the right steps in the right order. We take our steps with focus. We go the extra mile. We explore new and enlightening ways. Above all, we always strive to provide our customers with the best electrolysis technology for their large-scale green hydrogen production.
21 December 2023

Green steel production with hydrogen: Salzgitter AG and Sunfire continue lighthouse project

Sunfire and Salzgitter AG are pushing ahead with the use of innovative SOEC electrolysis in industry to produce green hydrogen. They are working with the TU Bergakademie Freiberg to validate the latest stacks in the GrInHy3.0 research project.
15 December 2023

Charting the Future of Green Energy

As COP 28 unfolds, in the episode n.171 of the “Energy Unplugged – by Aurora” podcast, green energy veteran and serial entrepreneur Alexander Voigt, CEO of HH2E, engages in a conversation with Hanns Koenig, Managing Director for Central Europe at Aurora Energy Research. Their discussion centres around some of the most pertinent questions facing the energy sector during this transitional period.
8 December 2023

Strohm is first company to receive DNV qualification for deepwater TCP Flowline

Strohm, the world’s first and leading thermoplastic composite pipe (TCP) technology company, has taken a big step towards expanding its TCP operating envelope. DNV has issued a Statement of Qualified Technology for Strohm’s 6-inch EGF-PE pipe, as per the DNV-ST-F119 standard, for its use as a flowline or jumper in deep waters.
27 November 2023

Bramble Wins The Gateley Business Transformation of the Year Award 2023

This week Bramble attended The Lloyds Bank British Business Excellence Awards, the UK’s largest and most prestigious awards programme that celebrates the cream of the crop across all industries, championing sustainability, diversity, equality and those that have transcended expectations and limitations throughout the year.
16 November 2023

Sunfire starts the construction of its Research and Development Center

German electrolyzer manufacturer is investing around €30 million in its Dresden headquarters over the next few years. The first excavators arrive to officially start work on the extension to the R&D center.
15 November 2023

Cranfield Aerospace Solutions and Reaction Engines Expand Collaboration for Cutting-Edge Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology Integration

Reaction Engines, a global leader in cutting-edge thermal management solutions, and Cranfield Aerospace Solutions (CAeS), renowned pioneers in hydrogen fuel cell propulsion systems for aviation, today announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to expand their existing collaboration to explore additional aerospace applications for their zero-emission propulsion technology.
13 November 2023

Elcogen signs contract with French Clean Hydrogen Technology Venture Genvia

We are pleased to share the news about signing a supply and R&D collaboration agreement with the French company Genvia. The contract follows on our two years of successful cooperation and strengthens our further collaboration in solid oxide electrolyser commercialisation and enables achieving our goals under the Important Project of Common European Interest.
6 November 2023

Cranfield Aerospace Solutions’ pipeline reaches over 1300 hydrogen fuel cell powerplants as it secures letter of intent from Dronamics, the world’s first cargo drone airline

Cranfield Aerospace Solutions (CAeS) and Dronamics have signed an MoU to further progress the application of the CAeS hydrogen fuel cell (HFC) propulsion system to the Dronamics Black Swan cargo drone aircraft. This agreement confirms the position of CAeS as the preferred supplier of hydrogen fuel cell (HFC) propulsion systems to Dronamics and includes an LOI to supply a substantial number of propulsion systems from 2026, bringing CAeS’s total pipeline to over 1300 drivetrains.
12 October 2023

HD Hyundai makes a Strategic Investment in Elcogen

Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering, a member of HD Hyundai Group, invests €45m in Elcogen’s Solid Oxide technology to further deepen the collaboration on emission-free power generation systems as well as green hydrogen production.
11 October 2023

Gen2 Energy and SEFE sign Transaction Term Sheet for green hydrogen delivery

Gen2 Energy and SEFE Securing Energy for Europe (SEFE), via its subsidiary WINGAS GmbH, have signed a Transaction Term Sheet for the delivery of green hydrogen. This defines the terms and conditions for a final Sales and Purchasing Agreement and represents as such a major step to realize the import of green hydrogen from Norway to Germany.
10 October 2023

Cranfield Aerospace Solutions and MONTE Aircraft Leasing secure deal to bring zero-emission flight to Australia

Cranfield Aerospace Solutions (CAeS), innovators in hydrogen-electric fuel cell propulsion technology, today announced a three-party agreement with MONTE Aircraft Leasing (MONTE) and Australian air charter company Torres Strait Air to convert up to ten Britten-Norman Islander aircraft to hydrogen-electric power.
28 September 2023

250-kilowatt electrolyzer produces first hydrogen in Lingen

The GET H2 TransHyDE joint project based in Lingen has reached an important milestone: hydrogen was produced for the first time on the site of the RWE gas-fired power plant in Emsland (KEM) using a high-temperature solid oxide electrolyzer (SOEC) from Sunfire. The electrolyzer, with an output of 250 kilowatts (kW), is part of a test facility at which nine project partners are investigating how hydrogen can be safely and reliably transported and stored through pipelines.
27 September 2023

Elcogen awarded funding to help EU develop affordable green hydrogen technology

We are pleased to announce we have received funding from IPCEI for a 25.4m EUR project to accelerate the deployment of Solid Oxide technology to enable affordable green hydrogen production in Europe. The grant funding has been awarded from the Hy2 Tech initiative, part of the Important Projects of Common European Interest (“IPCEI”), to accelerate the production of affordable green hydrogen.
25 September 2023

DHL Group, HH2E, and Sasol Collaborate to Propel Germany as a Leader in Decarbonized Aviation

As part of the National Aviation Conference, several companies from the energy and aviation sectors have signed an agreement for the setup of a joint initiative aimed at building potential production capacities for sustainable aviation fuels based on green hydrogen (eSAF) at a suitable location in East Germany.
25 September 2023

HH2E Orders High-Capacity Batteries from BASF

HH2E has placed an order with BASF Stationary Energy Storage GmbH (BSES) for 93MWh of high-capacity Sodium Sulfur batteries (NAS® Batteries). Additionally, HH2E has reserved production capacity for another 140 MWh of these batteries.
20 September 2023

General building permit for the hydrogen plant in Mosjøen in place

Gen2 Energy has now received a general building permit for the hydrogen plant in Mosjøen and for the associated administrative building. Vefsn municipality, which has processed the application, has approved Gen2 Energy’s plans for the green hydrogen production facility and the administrative building.
18 September 2023

IPCEI Hydrogen: 169 million funding for Sunfire

Sunfire is the only German producer of large-scale electrolyzers to receive support for scaling up its technologies as part of the “Important Projects of Common European Interest” (IPCEI). Federal Minister for Economic Affairs Robert Habeck and Saxony's Minister for Economic Affairs Martin Dulig personally handed over the 169-million-euro grant notification.
30 August 2023

Sunfire receives purchase order for 100 MW pressurized alkaline electrolyzer

Sunfire, a leading electrolysis manufacturer, has secured a contract to supply a 100 MW pressurized alkaline electrolyzer to a European refinery. Earlier this year, the company launched its scaling strategy with the official opening of its industrial serial electrolyzer production in Solingen, Germany.
24 August 2023

Strohm’s TCP installed on giant Liza field in the Americas

Strohm’s first deep-water / high pressure thermoplastic composite pipe (TCP) Jumper in South America has been successfully installed, commissioned and is up and running for ExxonMobil Guyana at its Liza field.
16 August 2023

Bramble Energy unveils new multi-million pound headquarters with state-of-the-art hydrogen innovation hub

Bramble Energy, an innovator in fuel cell technology, has announced the opening of its new state-of-the-art headquarters in Crawley, West Sussex. The expansive new facility, which includes a world-leading hydrogen innovation and development hub, is a multi-million-pound investment representing the company’s extraordinary growth since launching in 2016.
10 August 2023

Chief Test Pilot for future hydrogen aircraft

Project Fresson – the development of a hydrogen aircraft by converting an existing Britten-Norman Islander aircraft to that of gaseous hydrogen propulsion, is a project lead by Cranfield Aerospace Solutions, and forms the foundations of the company’s plans to produce new aircraft designs of up to 100 seats, optimized around zero-emissions technology.
8 August 2023

The Earth∞Space Sustainability Initiative launches at the Royal Society, London, UK

The Earth∞Space Sustainability Initiative (ESSI) has launched today at the Royal Society, London, where The Global Leaders on Space Sustainability Symposium took place.
25 July 2023

Elcogen’s solid oxide fuel cells are in the core of the Convion’s power plants soon to be sold in the Baltic region by Biometaan OÜ

Estonian company Biometaan OÜ, part of the Silikaat Group, has signed a MoU with their Finnish partner Convion Oy to start selling power plants running on fuel cells in the Baltic States.
17 July 2023

Agreement on the planning and design of the quay entered and application for general building permit delivered

Port of Helgeland, Vefsn municipality and Gen2 Energy have entered into an agreement on the planning and design of a new quay linked to Gen 2 Energy’s hydrogen plant at Nesbruket in Mosjøen. The agreement ensures the coordination of the construction of the quay with the construction of the hydrogen plant. Gen2 Energy has now submitted the application for a general permit for the building of the hydrogen plant and the administration office building
3 July 2023

Offshore Hydrogen Production on a New Scale: HOPE Project and its Consortium Selected for a €20 Million European Commission Grant

The HOPE (Hydrogen Offshore Production for Europe) project consortium has signed a €20 million grant agreement with the European Commission. This followed the positive evaluation of the proposal submitted by the partners in response to the call for proposals issued by the Clean Hydrogen Partnership, co-founded and co-financed by the European Union.
28 June 2023

Notice to neighbors related to the building application for the hydrogen plant in Mosjøen sent out

Gen2 Energy is well underway with the building application for permission to build a hydrogen plant and associated administration building on the Nesbruket site in Mosjøen. This includes notice to the neighbors related to the construction and building of a hydrogen plant and administration building.
15 June 2023

Strohm wins contract to supply Thermoplastic Composite Pipe jumpers for TotalEnergies’ Moho Infill

Strohm, the world’s first and leading producer of Thermoplastic Composite Pipe (TCP), has been awarded a €3M contract to supply carbon fibre/PA12 composite jumpers to Aker Solutions to support work being carried out at TotalEnergies’ Moho Infill project in the Republic of the Congo.
14 June 2023

Strohm’s TCP solutions installed at PRIO’s Frade field

The world’s leading composite pipe technology company Strohm was awarded a contract with independent E&P operator PRIO (formerly known as PetroRio) to provide its composite pipe solutions to support operations at its Frade field.
5 June 2023

Cranfield Aerospace Solutions celebrates 75 years of continuous Design Approvals

Cranfield Aerospace Solutions (CAeS) this year celebrates 75 years of continuous Design Approvals, which have enabled the company to deliver world-leading complex modifications and underpin its future as a global leader in the development of zero-emissions aircraft.
18 May 2023

Frits Kronenburg: A reflection on the past and future of offshore pipelines.

As I approach retirement, after more than 20 years of experience working in the pipeline industry globally, I am proud to look back over the past few years in my role as business development manager at Strohm and the dynamic and interesting journey it has been.
16 May 2023

Bramble Energy secures £12 million funding to provide first-of-its-kind fuel cell technology to hydrogen bus project

Bramble Energy is the lead partner of the HEIDI project, collaborating with Equipmake, Aeristech, and the University of Bath.
9 May 2023

Three million Euro grant for Dutch industrial scale floating green hydrogen and ammonia project

BW Offshore, Switch2, MARIN, TU Delft, and Strohm have received a EUR 3 million grant from the Dutch government for project OFFSET - an industrial scale floating green hydrogen and ammonia project, based on the proven concept of a floating production and offloading vessel (FPSO).
25 April 2023

HIiiROC appoints Montfort Communications

Montfort Communications, the fast-growing corporate reputation firm, has been appointed by HiiROC, a hydrogen production business founded in 2019 that has developed world leading proprietary plasma technology for clean, affordable and efficient hydrogen production in the energy generation, distribution, storage and industrial decarbonisation sectors. In 2022, HiiROC won KPMG’s prestigious Global Tech Innovator of the Year award.
25 April 2023

Cranfield Aerospace welcomes ground-breaking UK technology innovator onboard Project Fresson

Cranfield Aerospace Solutions (CAeS) welcomes Evolito, a ground-breaking UK technology innovator onboard as the motor & inverter supplier for its hydrogen-powered aircraft demonstrator – Project Fresson.
14 April 2023

Renewable Hydrogen Project “MultiPLHY”: World’s Largest High-temperature Electrolyzer from Sunfire Successfully Installed

Sunfire has successfully installed the world's first multi-megawatt high-temperature electrolyzer for the production of green hydrogen at Neste's renewable products refinery in Rotterdam. Having met the refinery's highest quality requirements, Sunfire has now achieved mechanical completion of the electrolysis system.
11 April 2023

Detailed zoning plan for Gen2 Energy’s hydrogen facility in Mosjøen approved

The Municipal Council in Vefsn municipality today unanimously approved the detailed zoning plan for Gen2 Energy’s hydrogen facility in Mosjøen. An approved zoning plan for a large-scale plant for production of compressed green hydrogen represents the achievement of a significant milestone.
30 March 2023

HH2E confirms purchase of 120MW of electrolyzer equipment from Nel.

HH2E AG, the fast-growing green energy company in Germany signed a firm contract with Nel Hydrogen Electrolyser AS, a subsidiary of Nel ASA (Nel, OSE:NEL) for the purchasing of 120 MW of alkaline electrolyser equipment. The value of the contract is approximately EUR 34 million.
15 March 2023

Sunfire launches serial production

Energy-intensive industries are increasingly opting for green hydrogen as part of their decarbonization efforts – however, the necessary equipment to produce the gas is still in short supply. Sunfire is now one of the first companies to start series production of electrolyzers. To this end, the Dresden-based manufacturer is automating its most important production step: electroplating.
7 March 2023

Strohm launches Field Service Group following contract wins worth more than EUR30 million

Strohm, the world’s first and leading producer of Thermoplastic Composite Pipe (TCP), has launched the Field Service Group (FSG), following contract wins worth in excess of EUR30 million after supplying more than 70 jumpers under its Jumper on Demand model.
21 February 2023

Progress within Kopernikus P2X research project: High-temperature electrolyzer successfully commissioned

Renewable fuels and chemical products, produced from renewable electricity and CO2, are considered a promising climate-neutral solution for the chemical industry and mobility. To produce these raw materials, the Dresden-based hydrogen company Sunfire develops one of the most efficient co-electrolysis technologies.
7 February 2023

Investment in first green hydrogen project, at Thierbach in Germany

HydrogenOne, the first London-listed fund investing in clean hydrogen for a positive environmental impact, is pleased to announce its first investment commitment in a green hydrogen supply project (the "Thierbach Project" or "Thierbach").
26 January 2023

Sunfire and Vitesco Technologies become strategic partners

Sunfire is using the automotive supplier’s expertise to transfer its hydrogen technologies to industrial serial production. This opens a new chapter for both companies.
12 January 2023

MOU with Korea Shipbuilding and Offshore Engineering and Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems

Elcogen, the European manufacturer of clean energy technology that delivers affordable green hydrogen and emission-free electricity, is pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (“the MOU”) with Korea Shipbuilding and Offshore Engineering (KSOE), a member of Hyundai Heavy Industries Group (“HHI Group”), and the Germany based Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems (IKTS).
9 January 2023

Gen2 Energy and SEFE Group sign an agreement for the potential supply of green hydrogen

Gen2 Energy AS and SEFE Group have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to pursue an offtake agreement for compressed green hydrogen.
6 January 2023

HH2E initiates purchase of 120MW of electrolyzer capacity from Nel.

It will be the largest order of electrolyzer capacity for green hydrogen production in Germany to date.
6 January 2023

Gen2 Energy and Umoe Advanced Composites sign contract for development and purchase of containers for large scale transport of green hydrogen

Gen2 Energy and Umoe Advanced Composites AS (UAC) have signed a contract to jointly develop containers for large scale transport and storage of green hydrogen. The parties target to design and develop state of the art type IV glass fibre pressure vessels with all relevant approvals for transport on road, rail, and sea.
20 December 2022

Cranfield Aerospace Solutions selected as hydrogen-aircraft partner by Air New Zealand

Innovative UK SME Cranfield Aerospace Solutions (CAeS), has been announced as the sole hydrogen-powered aircraft partner of Air New Zealand’s Mission Next Gen Aircraft, the flag carrier’s ambitious zero-emissions aircraft programme.
13 December 2022

Strohm provides Thermoplastic Composite Pipe flowlines for major European natural gas and hydrogen hub

Strohm, the world’s first and leading producer of Thermoplastic Composite Pipes (TCP), has been awarded a contract from ECOnnect to provide more than 11km of TCP for the TES Wilhelmshaven Green Gas Terminal in Germany.
21 November 2022

“Estonia is preparing for a hydrogen economy” – featuring HydrogenOne and Elcogen

Supporting Elcogen in expanding their fuel cell and electrolyser manufacturing facilities in Estonia and accelerating the energy transition to a low-carbon future.
17 November 2022

EVIA AERO continues to back Cranfield Aerospace Solutions with orders for 15 hydrogen modification kits and ten 19-seat aircraft

Bremen-based start-up EVIA AERO add five more hydrogen fuel-cell based conversion kits for the 9-seat Britten Norman Islander aircraft to its existing Letter of Intent (LOI) with Cranfield Aerospace Solutions (CAeS). This takes the total to 15 modification kits plus supplementary type certificates (STCs) to be supplied by CAeS to EVIA AERO.
15 November 2022

Cranfield Aerospace Solutions and Dronamics to develop hydrogen-fuel technology for cargo drones

Dronamics, the leading middle-mile cargo drone developer and operator, and Cranfield Aerospace Solutions (CAeS), a leading innovator in the development of zero emissions solutions for aerospace, announced that they will be combining their expertise to integrate hydrogen fuel-cell technology into the Black Swan, the long-range cargo drone developed by Dronamics.
9 November 2022

KPMG Private Enterprise announces the winner of the Global Tech Innovator 2022 competition

On November 2nd, KPMG Private Enterprise announced that HiiROC, the developer of a system to produce low-cost, zero-emission hydrogen, has been named the KPMG Private Enterprise Global Tech Innovator winner at the final event in Lisbon, Portugal, overcoming fierce competition from over 1,100 applicants across 22 countries and jurisdictions during the national stages.
8 November 2022

Cranfield Aerospace Solutions and MONTE sign exclusive deal for 40 Britten-Norman Islander hydrogen-electric modification kits

MONTE Aircraft Leasing (MONTE) has signed a Letter of Intent with Cranfield Aerospace Solutions (CAeS) to purchase 40 modification kits to convert Britten-Norman Islanders to hydrogen-electric power.
3 November 2022

Centrica and HiiROC to inject hydrogen at Brigg gas-fired power station in UK first project

Centrica Business Solutions is set to start injecting hydrogen into its existing gas peaking plant at Brigg, Lincolnshire as part of a UK first trial with HiiROC aimed at better understanding the role of hydrogen in power production.
25 October 2022

HydrogenOne Capital Growth plc invests in Netherlands-based hydrogen pipeline company

LSE-listed investment fund dedicated to clean hydrogen, HydrogenOne Capital Growth plc, has announced it has signed agreements for an investment of £8.4 million (10 million euros) in Strohm Holding B.V., a private supply chain company, focused on the offshore wind-to-hydrogen sector.
15 August 2022

SDF and Motus Ventures investment in Cranfield Aerospace Solutions Ltd

Cranfield Aerospace Solutions (CAeS) is pleased to announce it has secured investment from the Strategic Development Fund (SDF), the investment arm of the Tawazun Economic Council of the UAE, and Motus Ventures, taking the current investment round to £14.4million.
15 August 2022

Hydrogen Lighthouse Project Bad Lauchstädt: Uniper Orders Sunfire Electrolyzer

Within the Central German Chemical Triangle, energy company Uniper is implementing green hydrogen technologies on an industrial scale. In Bad Lauchstädt, Sunfire will supply the core piece of a demonstration project: a 30 megawatt (MW) pressurized alkaline electrolyzer.
4 August 2022

Cranfield Aerospace Solutions sign a letter of intent to supply, Bremen based, EVIA AERO 10 Modified Britten Norman Islanders

EVIA AERO – a company focusing on providing zero emissions sub-regional air services within Europe – and Cranfield Aerospace Solutions – a UK SME developing a hydrogen fuel cell conversion of the 9-seat Britten Norman Islander – in connection with a strategic collaboration have signed a letter of intent for ten, hydrogen fuel cell propelled, conversion kits for Britten Norman Islander aircraft as part of the EVIA AERO strategy to bring hydrogen air services to Northern Europe.
14 July 2022

Sunfire secures investment from Amazon

The German developer and manufacturer of electrolyzers is the first EU-based green hydrogen company to receive an investment from Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund. With its dedicated investment program, Amazon supports visionary companies that will accelerate its path to net-zero carbon.
14 July 2022

Green light for Sunfire

Under the "Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEI)" Sunfire is to receive grant funding for industrializing its hydrogen technologies. The electrolysis specialist is one of the first companies to be granted an early start to measure.
1 July 2022

Bremen based Evia Aero & Cranfield Aerospace Solutions (CAeS) partner to bring zero emissions, hydrogen powered air services to Northern Europe

Evia Aero – a start-up airline focusing on providing zero emissions sub-regional air services within Europe – and Cranfield Aerospace Solutions – a UK SME developing a hydrogen fuel cell conversion of the 9-seat Britten Norman Islander – have entered into a strategic collaboration to bring hydrogen fuel cell powered air services to Northern Europe.
17 June 2022