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About hydrogen

Hydrogen demand could increase by over 8 times by 2050 as the energy transition gathers pace

What is driving the hydrogen economy?

Clean hydrogen:
  • Plays a key role in climate change mitigation, improved air quality, and energy security
  • Displaces fossil fuels in heating, power generation and transport, reducing CO2 emissions and improving air quality
  • As an energy carrier and storage solution for renewable power, plays a key role in energy security
  • Demand could increase x 200 times to 2030, and x 500 times between 2019 and 2050, abating some 6 billion tonnes/year of CO2 emissions
  • Supply could reach > 200 mpta by 2050, representing over US$1 trillion in annual sales by 2040 and potentially US$2.5 trillion in 2050
Hydrogen production – today
Hydrogen potential as a clean fuel and feedstock
  • Current market is c. 90 mtpa
  • >95% made from hydrocarbons – “grey hydrogen” – emits 830mtpa CO2 globally
  • Outlook for step-change in hydrogen demand as a clean fuel and feedstock

Hydrogen’s key role in avoiding GHG emissions

  • Each gigawatt of clean hydrogen avoids 1 million tonnes of GHG emissions per annum
  • Clean hydrogen can address 20 gigatonnes of GHG emissions per year – nearly half of all GHG emitted
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11 July 2023

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