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Elcogen and Convion celebrate a key development milestone in green hydrogen production technology

By All Portfolio company news & media, Elcogen AS

Tallinn, Estonia: Elcogen (“the Company”), the European manufacturer of technology that enables delivery of efficient, affordable green hydrogen and emission-free electricity, is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of a ground-breaking field test for an industrial scale Solid Oxide electrolyser system delivering green hydrogen at superior efficiency compared to incumbent technologies.

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The progress of our electrolysis in 2023 – moving from 10 to 100 megawatts

By All Portfolio company news & media, Sunfire GmbH

As the year comes to a close, we look back with gratitude on some of our project highlights from the past 12 months. Our accomplishments already give us energy for an exciting and no less challenging year in 2024. Together, we will realize our vision of a world without fossil fuels. How are we doing it? With a realistic mindset – carefully considering the right steps in the right order. We take our steps with focus. We go the extra mile. We explore new and enlightening ways. Above all, we always strive to provide our customers with the best electrolysis technology for their large-scale green hydrogen production.

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Charting the Future of Green Energy

By All Portfolio company news & media, HH2E AG

As COP 28 unfolds, in the episode n.171 of the “Energy Unplugged – by Aurora” podcast, green energy veteran and serial entrepreneur Alexander Voigt, CEO of HH2E, engages in a conversation with Hanns Koenig, Managing Director for Central Europe at Aurora Energy Research. Their discussion centres around some of the most pertinent questions facing the energy sector during this transitional period.

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Strohm is first company to receive DNV qualification for deepwater TCP Flowline

By All Portfolio company news & media, Strohm Holding B.V.

Strohm, the world’s first and leading thermoplastic composite pipe (TCP) technology company, has taken a big step towards expanding its TCP operating envelope.

DNV has issued a Statement of Qualified Technology for Strohm’s 6-inch EGF-PE pipe, as per the DNV-ST-F119 standard, for its use as a flowline or jumper in deep waters.

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Bramble Wins The Gateley Business Transformation of the Year Award 2023

By All Portfolio company news & media, Bramble Energy Limited

This week Bramble attended The Lloyds Bank British Business Excellence Awards, the UK’s largest and most prestigious awards programme that celebrates the cream of the crop across all industries, championing sustainability, diversity, equality and those that have transcended expectations and limitations throughout the year.

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Cranfield Aerospace Solutions and Reaction Engines Expand Collaboration for Cutting-Edge Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology Integration

By All Portfolio company news & media, Cranfield Aerospace Solutions Ltd

Reaction Engines, a global leader in cutting-edge thermal management solutions, and Cranfield Aerospace Solutions (CAeS), renowned pioneers in hydrogen fuel cell propulsion systems for aviation, today announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to expand their existing collaboration to explore additional aerospace applications for their zero-emission propulsion technology.

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Inside Pioneer Episode I – Innovation

By All Portfolio company news & media, Swift Hydrogen

Building Pioneer, NanoSUN’s mobile hydrogen cascade refueller, was a joint effort. We set out to build something never seen before: a mobile hydrogen refueller with large storage capacity, at a fraction of the cost of a fixed station, with minimal power consumption and maintenance requirements. This took the ingenuity and expertise of not only our team, but also of our trusted partners. You need high quality components to build high quality systems.

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