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Sunfire secures more than EUR 500 million to accelerate its growth

By All Portfolio company news & media, Sunfire GmbH
The German electrolyzer manufacturer announces a significant financial milestone with EUR 215 million raised in a Series E equity financing round, further complemented by a term loan of up to EUR 100 million provided by the European Investment Bank (EIB). In addition, Sunfire has access to approx. EUR 200 million from previously approved, undrawn grant funding to support its growth. This makes Sunfire one of the best capitalized electrolyzer manufacturers in the industry.
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Siemens Energy and HH2E on a Green Revolution mission in Germany

By All Portfolio company news & media, HH2E AG
In a move that paves the way to green energy, Siemens Energy and HH2E have begun a project to addressing the future green energy needs of HH2E, focusing specifically on the provision of high-voltage systems, power transformers and beyond, essential for the operation of HH2E’s large-scale green hydrogen production units across Germany. Siemens Energy brings its advanced energy technology to the project.
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Cranfield Aerospace Solutions and Stratus 9 set sights on the first zero-emissions fractional aircraft co-ownership programme in the United States

By All Portfolio company news & media, Cranfield Aerospace Solutions Ltd
Stratus 9 (S9), an innovator in private aviation and fractional ownership, today announced plans to acquire 10 (with options for up to 15) of Cranfield Aerospace Solutions’ (CAeS) hydrogen propulsion conversion kits for the B-N Islander aircraft. The deal, valued at over $20M, paves the way for the first zero-emissions fractional ownership programme in the United States.
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